About the book.

“For a very long time happiness was to me a fleeting concept. One that was always tied to something. A person, a place, a moment, something tangible. So when that thing was removed, so was my happiness. At some point I didn’t want my happiness to be a guessing game anymore and that pursuit to find the answers is what led to this book.

This book is a journey of discovery, it’s about the decision to be in control of my happiness. It’s about faithfulness to a process and finding beauty in the obvious.”

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About MisRed
The Author

MisRed is one of most dynamic and sought after media personalities in Zimbabwe. Her media career spans over 8years getting her start in radio as a co-host on Zi FM Stereo’s breakfast show in 2013. She currently hosts the afternoon drive show (The Rush) on the same station. MisRed is a revered opinion leader and tastemaker. She has been instrumental in shifting social-cultural conversations by her ability to provoke and interrogate everyday thoughtful and topical issues.

Through undisputed passion in the creative industry she has managed to provide a platform for the advancement of new and vibrant talents on radio , tv and social media. Making her a preferred pad and breakthrough point for emerging stars.

MisRed’s repertoire stretches to television, content production, event hosting, being a brand influencer and now recently an author. Her debut book Be Faithful To Your Happiness is a beautiful journey of discovery, honesty and vulnerability.

Beyond her corporate and business obligations MISRED is passionate about women empowerment and advancement. She has founded, collaborated and has been an active voice for various socially conscious campaigns which include but are not limited to the following:


free digital marketing initiative

Beyond October

Annual Pink Event (Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative)

Girls R US

(Sanitary Ware mobilisation for underprivileged girls in rural Zimbabwe and sexual reproductive health education on since 2017)


There are many whose shoulders have carried me to be here. Those who have encouraged me and given me courage to be more confident and learn to believe I could, and so I did. My mother who in every situation would be prayerful, hug me and love me even when I didn't have enough love for myself!

My father who sometimes gave me the tough love that I didn't know I needed . My children who teach me patience, kindness and continually renew the will to work towards sustaining myself before I look to anyone else . I could dedicate this book to them but this book is not dedicated to them, it's dedicated to you. It's dedicated to your Journey and I pray it may begin here with honesty.

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